Insurance For Bookkeepers


Bookkeepers may not have a tremendous amount of risk that comes along with the services that they provide, however carrying some form of business liability insurance such as general liability, errors and omissions and professional liability Insurance is still a good idea in order to protect against any unwanted lawsuits. We offer aggressively priced business insurance solutions for all bookkeepers and bookkeeping services in multiple states including California, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, New York, Texas, Washington, and others. 

Professional Liability – Errors and Omissions

Bookkeepers professional liability insurance, also commonly called bookkeepers errors and omissions insurance (E&O), is an important an important type of business insurance for bookkeepers to carry as it is meant to provide protection against accusations of making bookkeeping errors or mistakes. Our bookkeepers professional liability insurance programs offer low priced options with liability limits as low as $250K.

General Liability Insurance

Bookkeepers general liability insurance is often carried by bookkeepers in order to satisfy lease requirements with a landlord when leasing an office space.  General liability insurance is designed to offer protection against lawsuits from clients or other third parties that can arise due to accidental bodily injury or property damage such as a client slipping and falling in a bookkeepers office. 

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