General Liability Insurance


With our extensive network of insurance carriers and programs, we are able to provide general liability insurance and business owner’s policies for the following types of businesses: professional offices, retail stores, restaurants and bars, contractors, engineers and architects, consultants, and more (see full list). While BOPs may not be available to all types of businesses, we can write general liability insurance for 99% of all businesses located here in the United States.

What is General Liability Insurance?

General liability insurance is a type of business liability insurance that is meant to protect a business if it is sued for causing or being accused of causing property damage or bodily injury to a client or third party. Most all businesses have some varying need for general liability insurance. Retail business such as restaurants, clothing stores, etc typically carry the risk of a “slip and fall” injuries and the resulting claims. General contractors and artisan contractors may carry a risk more associated with the damage of a client’s property or the accusation of faulty workmanship, which in most cases would be covered under the products and completed operations coverage that is included in most general liability policies. Professionals such as engineers, architects and consultants may not have much of an exposure to physical claims, however the coverage is often still needed in order to satisfy contractual requirements with clients. General liability policies can be purchased on their own or in some cases as part of a business owner’s policy, or BOP for short.

What is a Business Owner’s Policy, or BOP?

General liability policies typically do not include any property coverage, whereas BOPs bundle the general liability and property insurance into a single policy. Property coverage included in business owners policies can include business contents, equipment, inventory, and buildings that are owned by the business. Business owners policies also often include other coverages such as business interruption (also know as business income or loss of use) and other miscellaneous coverages such as cyber liability or data breach coverage, EPLI, crime insurance, window glass breakage expenses and coverage for signs. However not all carriers offer BOPs, and not all businesses qualify for BOPs with those carriers that do offer them.

Premises Liability Insurance

Premises liability is basically a watered down general liability policy that limits the general liability coverage to a specific location. These types of policies are most commonly purchased by business in order to satisfy landlord lease requirements for a commercial space that they are renting/leasing when the cost of a full general liability policy is higher than what they are able or willing to pay.

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