Insurance For Web Designers and Developers


Business insurance for web designers and developers is an important tool in helping web designers and developers protect themselves against lawsuits and claims.  Any business can be sued at any time and web designers and developers are no exception, which is why carrying business insurance such as professional liability and general liability is important.  We are able to offer insurance for web designers and developers in California, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, New York, Texas, Washington, and others.

Professional Liability Insurance

Also often referred to as errors and omissions insurance, professional liability insurance is designed to protect web designers and web developers in the event that they are sued by a client due to accusations of mistakes in their work, bad advice, etc.  For example, a client claims that their website was not designed according to the agreed upon specifications, and is now suing.  Professional liability insurance is typically the most important form of business insurance for web designers and developers to carry in order to protect their businesses.  Coverage for copyright infringement may also be included at no additional charge, up to a $200K limit.  Our insurance for web designers and developers program can provide professional liability limits as low as $250K, which translates to premiums as low as $270/year.

General Liability Insurance

While many web designers and developers don’t actually have a commercial space or meet with clients in person, those that do can benefit from carrying general liability insurance.  General liability insurance picks up where professional liability leaves off, as it is designed to provide coverage against claims of accidental bodily injury or property damage to others, such as a client.  For web designers who lease a commercial space, carrying general liability insurance can also satisfy the insurance requirements of a landlord.

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