Insurance For Interior Designers


Interior designers and interior design firms should all carry some form of business insurance in order to protect themselves and their businesses.  We are able to provide insurance for interior designers such as professional liability, errors and omissions and general liability in the following states: California, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, New York, Texas, Washington, and others.

Professional Liability Insurance – Errors and Omissions

If an interior designer is accused by a client of making a mistake in their work, such as a bad design that ends up causing the client to lose money, professional liability insurance (also known as errors and omissions) can help cover an actual claim payout as well as paying legal fees. As mistakes can happen at any time, professional liability insurance is an important way for interior designers to stay protected.

General Liability Insurance

As it is more of a physical coverage than professional liability, general liability insurance can protect interior designers against claims arising from accidental property damage or bodily injury to clients or other third parties. For example, an interior designer is accused of bumping into and injuring a client while meeting to discuss design plans.

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