Insurance For Structural Engineers


Structural engineers often have a hard time finding coverage at a reasonable price, particularly in states such as California. Luckily we have access to multiple insurance programs with extremely competitive rates for structural engineers.  We offer insurance for structural engineers in California, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, New York, Texas, Washington, and others.

Why Do Structural Engineers Need Insurance?

Regardless of how iron-clad your contracts are, or how good your work is, there is always a risk of being sued in today’s litigious society for even the best of engineers. By carrying business insurance, you can help mitigate the risk that most engineers face in their day to day work. If you are sued and don’t have insurance, lawsuits can drain your business and personal assets leaving you without a business, or worse.

What Types of Insurance Do Structural Engineers Need?

Professional Liability Insurance, also know as Errors and Omissions or E&O for short, is the most important coverage that a structural engineer can carry. This type of insurance is meant to cover an engineer in the event that they are sued due to an error or mistake that they may make in their work. Even if no mistake or error is actually made, an E&O or professional liability policy can help to pay for the costs of defending the lawsuit in order to make it go away. Some structural engineers may also need general liability, commercial auto and/or workers comp in order to satisfy requirements with a client or landlord. Please note that in most cases general liability is contingent upon a structural engineer either having errors and omissions or professional liability coverage in place or purchasing it along with the general liability. Through our industry leading carriers, we are proud to offer the following types of business insurance for structural engineers:

Our Structural Engineer Professional Liability and Errors Omissions Program Highlights
  • Rates as low as 20% of the rates of many other carriers – Structural engineers can find their premiums soaring into the tens of thousands, where our programs are typically priced much more competitively.
  • Coverage available for residential work – Many structural engineers are limited in their options if they perform any residential work, as most carriers favor commercial work instead due to it being considered lower risk in most cases.
  • Coverage available for work related to condos – Work related to condos is an issue for most insurance carriers, but we have options that in most cases can still cover condo work.
  • New ventures are acceptable – New in business? No problem, we can in most cases cover structural engineers who are new in business and that have little experience.


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