Coverage For Ransomware Attacks


You may have recently seen reports of worldwide ransomware attacks occurring. These attacks are targeting large and small businesses as well as personal email addresses. Anyone receiving a suspicious email is advised not to open any attachment or click any links.  Some signs of suspicious email include:

  • You do not recognize the sender or if you know the sender, the message does not look like something they would send
  • The subject and or attachment name is vague or confusing
  • Spelling or grammar errors
  • You are part of many people who have been sent the message
  • The message is unexpected or not business related

We offer cyber liability insurance coverage designed to pay for the ransom and the costs to restore breached systems in the event of a ransomware attack. Any business collecting personal information such as Social Security Numbers or Credit Card Information could be at risk for a breach. Contact us today for more information about cyber liability insurance coverage, or to get a quote.

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